Poems for the love of my life

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Our sixth year


Our sixth year
Laughing together and loving tenderly
Has been one we'll never forget.

From a Dubai beach bar to
The crisp sand of our future.
Stretching before us vividly in our
Imagination, dreams, and actions.
With purpose,
We turn desires into reality.
We meet challenges
With a determined smile.
From one amazing night, to 6 years
Of laughing, loving, and passion
For each other and for life.

Breathing deeply.
Committed to always.
Being present.

A day. A moment. A kiss. Or many.
To seal our love,
Standing before our families.
A smile. A loud sob. A hand stroking.
Words of love
Acknowledging the other's impact
In shaping our life.
A future. A hope. A purpose.
Unexpected directions.
We dance and dip and laugh.

I promise
To stay silly enough to make you laugh
To listen and offer support
To be present
To hold you tight
To take you on adventures and
Explore our beautiful Earth
To grow with you always.
To help us never take for granted
Our love or our time together.
To cherish our love and
To cherish you for the rest of my life.

Your kisses fill my heart with warmth.
They bring water to my parched life.
Moisture to my scaly, tough skinned existence.
Those wet kisses with lips parted,
Full of tenderness,
Breathe life into my existence.

Your smile lights my darkest days and
Reassures me everything will be ok.
Better than ok, your hugs make me feel
Safe and loved and valuable.

I love that moment of anticipation,
When your eyes sparkle and we grow quiet.
One of two things are coming.
A quiet moment of our souls reaching out and
Grasping each other firmly.
Whispering how much our presence and
Kindness mean to each other.
Holding each other tight in
Love and passion and emotion.
Or, you're about to pounce.
Like a playful cheetah.
Leaping on top of me.
Wrapping yourself around me.
An embrace full of laughter and connection.

One tap. One kick.
Two taps. Two kicks.
The excitement of communicating in utero
Your mom's belly swelling as much as my pride
I can't wait to be your father
To read books to you and
To help you with math homework
I can't wait to hold you.
I can't wait to tell you how much I love you
And to tell you how much I love your mom
Why I'll always love the word "tortuga"
I can wait to be silly with you and show you
How your mom and I dance in the kitchen
And to tell you how your dad danced like a fool
To win your mom's affection.
One step. One kiss.
Two steps. Two kisses.


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