NorCal frozen berry margarita recipe

Recipe for a variation of Robb Wolf’s paleo NorCal Margarita with frozen berries instead of ice cubes.

Jan 27, 2014 1 min read

After reading Robb Wolf’s great paleo primer “The Paleo Solution”, I wanted to recreate his paleo cocktail of choice the NorCal Margarita but didn’t have any ice. My roommate had frozen berries in the fridge, so I used them and the NorCal Frozen Berry Margarita was born!

Frozen Berry NorCal Margarita

NorCal Margarita (regular)

At bars, this is my go-to drink, usually with a full can of soda water. Just ask for extra lime slices. But at home, my cocktail of choice is the…

NorCal Frozen Berry Margarita

Choose your own berries. I prefer frozen blackberries for a tarter drink, but its great to mix it up with raspberries for something sweeter or strawberries or blueberries.

If you like the recipe let me know on Twitter @BrianSigafoos or leave a comment below and tell me your favorite variation!

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