Mapping relatives from Europe to America

A 2012 project to find out where my family came from in Germany, England, and Scotland and where they ended up in the US

Jan 1, 2013 3 min read
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Rosenkranz / Snyder

Antoni Reger Sr

Johann Reinhart Rohrbach

Carl Karl Theodor Rosenkranz

Dorothea Magdalena Wriedt

Barbara Heibner

Sigafoos / Kempe

Thomas Rogers

via Leonard, Richmond, Rogers

Thomas Leonard

Kenneth Sutherland

William Ferguson

Brian Sigafoos tree (Rosenkranz, Snyder, Simon, Pafford, Wriedt, Brown, Heibner, Woodson & Kempe, Leonard, Sutherland, Lechliter, Wright) family tree 1 Snapshot of family tree with 700 people, 200 surnames

David Simon tree (Dove, Armstrong, Rohrbach, Reger, Rueger, Schoch, Schaub) family tree 2

Clarence Leonard tree (Wood, Godfrey, Pratt, Tinkham, Richmond, Deane, Strong, Rogers, Williams, Churchman, Cosford) family tree 3

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